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Well, you have been busy haven't you?

Completed your blue books

Visited lots of points

Taken your map test

Started appearances

Now you need to learn how to drive a taxi and take your TfL driving test.
Firstly, well done for getting this far. It is the toughest of journeys but it is worth it and you are very nearly there.

So let's get you familiar with who we are, taxi lessons and testing requirements.



Black Cab Lessons has been operating for over 25 years by John Godfrey and Ray Viner. We are proud of our success in delivering quality training to knowledge students for preparing to drive a taxi and take the appropriate TfL drive tests.

So let’s meet the team.

John Godfrey

Hello. Thanks for paying us a visit and considering us for your taxi training.

I am John Godfrey and I hold the highest grade as an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI). I have over 25 years of experience teaching students to drive and in the late 90's started working on the knowledge, passing out in 2000.

Ray and I joined forces in 2000 and Black Cab Lessons has been going strong ever since.

With TfL putting the Hackney Drive Test on hold until they have secured new test providers, we at Black Cab Lessons have assisted by tailoring our training until TfL's position has been resolved.

Hope to see you soon.

Ray Viner

Hi, thanks again for considering Black Cab Lessons for your taxi training.

I am Ray Viner and I also hold the highest grade as an Approved Driving Instructor (ADI).

I qualified as an ADI in 1982 and for 18 years taught learner drivers.

When I passed the Knowledge in 2000, John and I started concentrating on teaching Knowledge students in preparation for their Hackney Drive Test and the rest is history.

Our combined driving skills coupled with our extensive time spent in a taxi allows us to get you to a very competent level with a taxi in a very short space of time.

We hope you want to use us for your taxi training. If you are still not convinced then take a look at our testimonials and social media which show many of the happy and satisfied students we have taught over the years.

We have a great reputation, we are established, friendly, polite and helpful. We pride ourselves on our high rate of praise and the positive feedback we receive from our students. Whilst TfL are still selecting their new test providers, we have had to ensure that we can still offer training that will allow you the competence and confidence to drive a taxi in lieu of undertaking a TfL Hackney Carriage Drive Test.



In December 2016, TfL put the Hackney Carriage Drive test on hold, in lieu of selecting new examiners to undertake the Hackney Carriage Drive Test for them. It is expected that new examiners will be in place by August 2018. During this period, Knowledge students will have to undertake their own familiarity training with a taxi in lieu of a TfL Hackney Carriage Test, which should be back in place post August 2018.

How to Book

Firstly, give us a call. Just so we can see where you are based and what your availability is. We will give you a date and you can then return here and book and pay for your course. Full instructions for your training will be sent by email once you have booked and paid.

Foundation Course

This course gives you a complete overview of the taxi following an initial assessment. It allows us to teach you the fundamentals of driving a taxi and vital instruction on Deportment, handling, safety, driving conditions, law, regulations and statutes and to give you some drive time.

The foundation course is £45 and you can pay an additional £45 per hour for additional drive time experience.

Foundation +

This course gives you the same as the foundation but with an additional hours drive time that will include dual carriageway driving.

The foundation + course is £90 and you can pay an additional £45 per hour for additional drive time experience.

Enhanced Course

This course will be available post August 2018. Please check back for details.
Price TBC

Book your TfL Test

This facility will be available post August 2018. Please check back for details.
Price TBC


Should you want to have any additional drive tuition, we charge £45 per hour inclusive.
Some useful info for you
* If you need glasses to drive, make sure you bring them. Part of the test is an eye test.

* When you produce your driving licence, the address on your licence must match the address registered with the Carriage Office.

* Please remember to bring payment with you at our initial meeting. We take credit cards and cash.

* All prices valid as of 18th December 2017.

..and finally
Here is a bit of nostalgia for you to enjoy. It is not part of the test, however, it is nice to know your history.



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